School Lunch Clip Art

Update to School Breakfast & Lunch Program

All school districts in Illinois were notified on Monday, August 31st that we are able to offer free meals to children age 18 and under.  This is the same program that we offered from March through May during the initial phases of COVID.

Students who purchased meals on Monday, August 31st will be charged for that day.  We will be refunding any meal purchases on Tuesday, September 1 and Wednesday, September 2 to your lunch account.  No students were charged on Thursday, September 3.

To ensure we have accounted for all students who would like to receive a breakfast and/or lunch, we are asking families to follow these steps.

Onsite/Blended Learning Students:  Please call your child’s school and let them know if they need a Grab & Go Meal for their remote days.  Days your student is in school, follow building directions for breakfast and teachers will conduct a lunch count at the beginning of the day.

Remote Learning Students:  If you would like to be added to the remote Grab & Go pick-up on Monday and Wednesday from 9-10 a.m., please contact the District Office (815-373-4966).  You will need to provide the number of students needing meals and the building pick-up location.  Food can be picked up at the following locations.

  • Washington:  Door 1
  • Jefferson:  Door 16
  • Madison/Reagan:  The ramp as you drive onto campus
  • DHS:  The alley door 14