COVID-19 Updates

Parents and Guardians,

Yesterday, the District was notified that we had one positive COVID test at Madison and one at Reagan Middle School.  We notified parents and guardians by emailing a letter stating that a positive case had occurred.  This is the practice we will follow anytime we are notified there was a positive case at a school building.

Parents and guardians will be called by the building nurse, the District nurse, or Lee County Health Department if your child was in a class or in proximity of less than 6 feet for over 15 minutes with a positive student .  When you receive this call you will be provided information on the next steps you should take and how many days of quarantine your child will observe.  If you don't receive a phone call then your child was not directly exposed and no quarantine is necessary.

Our goal with sending the letter to all parents is to be transparent regarding what is going on in our schools.  Please know that you will always receive a call if your child may have been exposed.