Date:   November 18, 2020

To:       Parents & Guardians

From:   Margo Empen - Superintendent

RE:      Adaptive Pause – Nursing/Health Support

During the adaptive pause (Nov.23-Jan 3), all families can receive information regarding health concerns from any of our building or District nurses.  In order to monitor our COVID data, we would like families who are symptomatic or being tested to reach out to your building nurse to let them know.  This information is important as the administration and Board of Education continue to evaluate the health status of our buildings.

 Below are the phone numbers and email addresses of our nurses.  They are available Monday through Friday (excluding Thanksgiving and winter break days) from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.  If you email them a message, please leave a phone number that they can call you back.

 District Nurse:  Mrs. Sherry Hafer     (815) 453-4966

 Dixon High School:  Mrs. Chris Pierce   (815) 453-4966

 Reagan Middle School:  Mrs. Cynthia Hoyle   (815) 253-4966

 Madison Elementary School:  Mrs. Courtney Forristall   (815) 934-9662

 Jefferson Elementary School:  Mrs. Amanda Costello   (815) 934-9661

 Washington Elementary School:  Mrs. Joyce Faivre   (815) 934-9660