Band Mattress Fundraiser

On April 24th, the DHS band participated in the first iteration of a mattress fundraiser through Custom Fundraising Solutions out of Rockford.  Today Tim Calleja, our CFS rep, presented the band and our students with all of the money that we raised together. The band sold 33 mattresses, and was given a total of $4,860! Wow! 

$3,860 of that money is pure profit for the band. The other $1,000 benefits all of our students who referred any customers. Students received $25 for every mattress that was bought with their referral coupon. We had 11 band students who referred one or more people for a mattress! In addition two sets of Apple Air Pods were raffled off to our 11 students who referred a customer.

Our top sellers were:

  • Addie Morley: 7 referrals  making $175
  • Leah Kuehl: 5 referrals making $125
  • Meghan Huffman: 4 referrals making $100

Great job ladies!

With the money from our fundraiser plus cash donations we have received, DHS band has raised $4,772 in the last month! Big thanks to all band students and community members who helped spread the word! We absolutely could not have gotten this far without you all! We have raised jut about 85%  of our goal to replace all of the music stands for DHS band next year! If you didn't buy a mattress and would like to help us reach our goal, contact Mr. Carter, All checks can be made out to Dixon Band Boosters. 

Thank you all so much for your support,


Mr. Carter, The Dixon Band Boosters,  and the DHS Band