Chromebook Care Graphic

The following information is in addition to the Chromebook responsibilities found in the student handbook and computer agreement.

Chromebook & Charger Loaner Consequences Starting December 1st, 2021

Students are responsible for bringing their Chromebook to school every day and having it fully charged. 

The Tech Zone has spare Chromebooks and chargers available to loan out when the students need one. Loaners are limited and students should not expect the Tech Zone to provide them with loaners on a daily basis. To reinforce student responsibility, if students borrow Chromebooks and/or chargers 3 times in one calendar month, their Chromebook account will be placed in the penalty box for one week.

The Penalty Box is a filter that restricts everything but essential school internet resources.

Student accounts can also be placed in the penalty box for misusing their Chromebook. For example, if a student drops off the school district wifi in order to avoid the Hapara supervision tool used by teachers, they can expect their account will be placed in the Penalty Box for a week or more.

Reminder – Students are to use their assigned Chromebook and loaner only. Students should not be logging on to other student’s Chromebooks. If a student logs on using another student’s account, consequences up to suspension will be assessed by the Principal’s Office. 

Also remember, do not leave your Chromebook in vehicles overnight. Batteries will drain quickly in cold weather, and theft is more likely when Chromebooks are left in a vehicle.