Photo of Coding students and staff advisor Wilson

Dixon High School students formed a Coding Club this year participating in a competitive league during the first semester.  More than a dozen students participated in the club, meeting throughout the semester in the Tech Zone. A subset of club members competed in the 2022 CoderZ League Tournament which pitted club members against students from across the country. Tournament events involve writing programs in the Python coding language to complete various virtual robotics challenges. 

Harry Doane, a Senior at Dixon High School, was the main proponent of starting the coding club.  He encouraged fellow students to join the group meeting on Wednesdays afternoons in the Tech Zone to work on coding activities and participate in  the league. The students also spent time working on small electronics equipment, learning about electrical components and circuits. 

Asked about his efforts with the Coding Club, Doane said, “I’m happy to see so many students wanting to learn about coding. I’m excited to see where this club will go in the future. I hope I’ve been able to help at least one person in figuring out what they are going to do after high school.” 

The top Dixon student in the tournament was Collin Tran Howland, who made it to the Finals. Since the start of the club, Collin also helped tutor other students through the coding activities. 

Paul Wilson is the staff advisor for the team. Besides supervising students, Paul managed the club's membership, registered teams in the League and helped tutor students through their coding lessons and club activities. He expects the Coding Club will continue to grow in the coming years helping students explore new interests and career opportunities.